MK-4000 Series Electric Saws
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The MK-4000 Electric Saw provides a solution for those environments and situations where electric power is the right choice, whether for indoor use or simply operator preference. The saw utilizes a three-phase, 30 hp, 460V electric motor. The saw features a hydraulic raise/lower system, self-propelled transmission.

An on-board battery provides 12VDC power for raise/lower functions when the saw is not plugged in, and a transformer/ battery charger recharges the system automatically anytime the saw is connected to power. The saw can also be plugged into 120VAC to recharge or maintain the battery when the saw is not in use. An ammeter is provided to help monitor load when cutting. One-year limited warranty.

Blade guard uses ride-on-the-blade water tubes for superior water delivery and blade cooling.
Quick release, auto-latching bayonet mount blade guard.
A differential lock provides positive drive to both rear wheels for maximum traction when cutting on slippery surfaces and free/engage controls to allow the saw to be pushed manually
Axle is designed for smooth transition  in and out of cuts.
Removable blade shaft stub for easy maintenance.
Eaton model 7 hydrostatic transmission coupled to an MK differentiating trans-axle
  • Totally enclosed and sealed blade shaft with continuous oil bath lubrication system
  • Control set provides proportional blade raising/lowering and travel speed with one hand operation
  • Bayonet mount blade guard
  • Blade guard uses "ride on the blade" water tubes for superior water delivery and blade cooling
  • Eaton model 7 Hydrostatic transmission coupled to an MK differentiating trans-axle
  • Saw designed for left or right side mounting of blade and blade guard
  • Differential lock (for cutting on slippery surfaces) and free wheel/engage controls (to allow the saw to be pushed manually)
  • Three-position adjustable solid steel handlebars
  • Rigid frame front pointer with high visibility guide wheel for accurate tracking
  • Seven 3VX drive belts from engine to blade shaft
  • Travel Speed: 0-200 FPM Forward, 0-100 FPM Reverse
  • One-year limited warranty
MK-4000 Series - 30 HP Electric Saws
Model Blade Guard Part #
4020B 20" 167439-20
4026B 26" 167439-26
4030B 30" 167439-30
4036B 36" 167439-36
General Specifications
Horse Power 30 hp
Volts / Phase 460V / 3 Phase
Blade RPM - 20" Blade 2,240
Blade RPM - 26" Blade 1,760
Blade RPM - 30" Blade 1,760
Blade RPM - 36" Blade 1,400
Depth of Cut - 20" Blade 7-1/2"
Depth of Cut - 26" Blade 10-1/2"
Depth of Cut - 30" Blade 12-1/2"
Depth of Cut - 36" Blade 15"
Switch IP 65 IEC across the line starter
Arbor 1" with 3/8" Drive Pin
Travel Speed 0-200 FPM Forward
0-100 FPM Reverse
L x W x H 64" x 35" x 47"
Weight 1,250 lbs.
Blade not included with saw.
14" blade guard model available on request.
460V, 3P, 20hp minimum extension cord
size /maximum length: 6 gauge/300".
Recommended Blades
Recommended Blades