MK-CC-100 Supreme Grade V-Segment Crack Chasers
MK-404DV with 1" arbor and drive pin 
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The MK-CC-100 crack chaser blades have a v-segment design for quickly routing and widening cracks in concrete and asphalt. The v-segment design provides a perfect fit into cracks for cleaning and repairing. These long-lasting, dry cutting diamond blades are used to cut down on resealing time.

Diameter Width Arbor Part #
8" (203mm) .250" 1" w/Drive Pin Hole 151927
8" (203mm) .375" 7/8"-5/8" 157214*
8" (203mm) .375" 1" w/Drive Pin Hole 151934
8" (203mm) .500" 1" w/Drive Pin Hole 151938
Segment Height 13mm
* Does not fite the MK-CC-100 Crack Chasing Saw