Dust Extractors
950 Dust Collector
Single Motor
1250  Electric Dust Collector
Two Motor
1250  Gas Dust Collector
Three Motor

MK Dust Extractors feature a two-stage filtering system, with a conical pre-filter as the first filter and a HEPA filter as the second. The HEPA filter can separate 0.3um dust particles with an efficiency greater than 99.97%, securing a high standard of quality and safety

The dust extractor uses an unique "reverse-air cleaning" technology which preventing dust from clogging the filter, and thereby maintaining a normal airflow. This feature allows for filter cleaning without having to open the vacuum and create another dust hazard.

MK Dust Extractors are equipped with a continuous drop-down bagging system for collection and easy handling of dust. As an opinion, MK Vacs can use a normal poly bag for dust collection.

Each dust extractors come with a complete floor tool kit, including a "crush-proof" and anti-statics hose, an aluminum "S" wand, a crevice tool, and floor tools.

The HEPA filter is individually tested and certified complying with H13 EN1822:2209.