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MK-3000 Series Electric Saws

The MK-3000 Electric Saw provides a solution for those environments and situations where electric power is the right choice, whether for indoor use or simply operator preference. The saw utilizes a three-phase, 20 Hp, ABB (Baldor) electric motor available in 230V or 460V configurations. The saw features the same raise/lower system, self-propelled transmission and control set as other MK-3000s. An ammeter is provided to help monitor load when cutting. One-year limited warranty.

  • Totally enclosed and sealed blade shaft with continuous oil bath lubrication system
  • Bayonet mount blade guard
  • Three position adjustable solid steel handlebars
  • Blade guard uses "ride on the blade" water tubes for superior water delivery and blade cooling
  • Dual arbor design for left or right side mounting of blade and blade guard
  • Rigid frame front pointer with high visibility guide wheel for accurate tracking
  • Ergonomic FNR traverse control for ease of operation
  • Depth of cut indicator positioned for easy access
  • Blade guard has garden hose style connector for quick disconnecting
  • Removable rear panel for easy service
  • Seven 3VX drive belts from engine to blade shaft
  • Electric leadscrew for positive adjustment of cutting depth
  • Wide front wheel base increases stability and allows ramp loading/unloading
  • Easy access emergency stop control
  • Water control level allows operator to adjust rate of water flow to blade guard
  • Eaton model 7 hydrostatic transmission coupled to a MK trans-axle
  • Built-in lifting bail for easy maneuverability
  • Travel speed 0-220 FPM forward, 0-200 FPM reverse
  • Neutral start switch to prevent starting with transmission in gear
  • Transmission can be disengaged from axle to allow saw to be pushed manually
  • Made in U.S.A.
MK-3000 Series - 230V / 3 Phase Saws
Model Blade Guard Part #
MK-3020B 20" 167428-20
MK-3026B 26" 167428-26
MK-3030B 30" 167428-30
MK-3000 Series - 460V / 3 Phase Saws
Model Blade Guard Part #
MK-3020B 20" 167429-20
MK-3026B 26" 167429-26
MK-3030B 30" 167429-30
Blade not included with saw.
General Specifications
Motor ABB (Baldor)
Horse Power 20 hp
Arbor 1" with 3/8" Drive Pin
Blade RPM 1,900
Depth of Cut - 20" Blade 7-1/2"
Depth of Cut - 26" Blade 10-1/2"
Depth of Cut - 30" Blade 12-1/2"
Travel Speed 0-220 FPM Forward
0-200 FPM Reverse
L x W x H 50" x 30-1/2" x 44"
Weight 700 lbs.

460V, 3P, 20hp minimum extension cord
size /maximum length: 8 gauge/300".

Warning: This equipment contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. These chemicals are contained in various components. fluids and paint including but not limited to fuel, oil, electric motors and batteries. In addition, gasoline/diesel powered equipment emits engine exhaust and fumes, and when serviced, cleaned or maintained generate used oil, waste fluids, fumes, grease, grime and particulates from the component wear and silica dust which contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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Recommended Blades
Cured Concrete
Hard Aggregate/Non-Abrasive

Cured Concrete
Medium-Hard Aggregate

Cured Concrete
Hard Aggregate

Green Concrete
Hard Aggregate

Asphalt over Concrete
Asphalt Overlay

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