Power Requirements for Gas Generators

Before deciding on a generator, it is important to consider the power requirements of the tool you need to operate, the number of tools (and accessories) you may want to operate simultaneously, and the total current consumption at any one time.

Our line of saws, hand tools, and accessories operate with induction type motors These motors require approximately two to three times the normal running requirement for startup. For example, a saw motor with a stated power requirement of 1426 watts and a startup factor of 3x the normal running load will require a generator rated at approximately 4278 watts. In addition, if a water pump is being used with the saw, this will increase your startup load approximately 138 watts for a total of 4416 watts (generator requirements listed below include water pumps where noted). If you are estimating the generator requirements for a coring rig motor, remember to take into consideration the additional load of a vacuum pump if one is to be used.

Another factor that must be kept in mind is that the normal running requirements are a baseline rating and are easily exceed if a motor is placed under a greater load (i.e. pushing a thicker material through the saw at a faster rate). Typically, when running a single tool on a generator, the difference between the normal load rating and startup load rating gives you an adequate buffer; but increased motor load can become a concern if you start your tools in series to lower your generator power requirements.

The power ratings listed are for the current line of MK Diamond products. Please check the rating on your saw to insure you make the proper generator choice.

Saw       Volts Amps Normal
Load Factor
MK-212-6 120 18 2160 W (3x) 6618 W*
MK-212-4 120 18 2160 W (3x) 6618 W*
MK-101 120 12.4 1488 W (3x) 4620 W*
MK-101-24 120 12.4 1488 W (3x) 4620 W*
MK101 Pro 120 12.4 1488 W (3x) 4620 W*
MK-101 Pro24 120 17.4 2001 W (3x) 7652 W*
MK-770EXP 120 7.4 888 W (3x) 2802 W*
MK-660 120 8 960 W (3x) 3018 W*
MK-377 120 5 600 W (2x) 1338 W*
MK-370EXP 120 7.4 888 W (3x) 2802 W*
MK-170 120 5 600 W (2x) 1338 W*
MK-145 120 4 480 W (2x) 960 W
MK-100 120 12.8 1545 W (3x) 4775 W*

* Includes 138 watts for electric water pump.