PVA Dry Grinding Wheels
PVA Dry Grinding Wheels

Four inch diameter dry grinding wheels for dry marble polishing, especially for bullnose and flat edge polishing. Formulated with a silicon carbide abrasive and a polyvinyl alcohol bond that is color-coded for ease of operation. They can also be used on the edges of ceramics, wood and metal or for paint removal as the material will not clog.

Grit Description Color Arbor Part #
40 Extra Coarse Gray 5/8" 390040
80 Coarse Red 5/8" 390080
220 Medium Blue 5/8" 390220
400 Fine Green 5/8" 390400
600 Extra Fine Yellow 5/8" 390600
Set 2 Discs of Each Grit 391000

Sold in boxes of 10
Maximum speed: 12,000 RPM