Pro Resin Polishing Discs
Pro Resin Polishing Discs

Flexible, Hook & Loop backed polishing discs designed to achieve a scratch-free highly polished finish on all straight or contoured granite and marble edges. The Hook & Loop backing allows for fast disc changes. Disc backs are color-coded for easy grit size identification. Kit includes 50, 150, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 2000 grit discs, black buff disc, and a hard rubber backplate. 3700 RPM maximum.

Pro 4" Grit
158901 50
158902 150
158903 200
158904 400
158905 800
158906 1,500
158907 2,000
158908 Buff Black
158909 Buff White*
158910 Polishing Kit

* White buff pad is used for final buff on light colored stone to prevent marking material.

Important: Resin Pad Brake-In Procedure
Diamond resin discs are shiny when new. This shine must disappear in order for the discs to perform their best, especially with the finer grits (400 and up). To do this, run any new disc on a rough surface - such as granite, sandstone or concrete - always making sure there is enough coolant (water). This will force the outer bond to be eroded, leaving the diamonds properly exposed for polishing. They will gradually perform even better as normal wear sets in.

Resin Polishing Pad Guidelines
Click here to download polishing guidelines for MK Diamond's resin polishing pads (PDF format).