Segmented Rim Wet Cutting Blades
Diameters: 7" - 20"
Silent Core Granite
Diameters: 14" - 20"
Silent Core Granite
Diameters: 14" - 18"
Silent Core Granite
Diameters: 14" - 20"
Diameters: 8" - 20"
Silent CoreMarble
Diameters: 14" - 20"
Silent CoreMarble
Diameters: 14" - 18"
Diameters: 10" - 20"
Application 62M 62G 62GSPV
Rim Height 8mm 8mm 10mm
Slate Tile Better Best Best
Limestone Tile n/r Best Best
Granite Tile n/r Best Best
Marble Tile Best n/r n/r
Blue Stone Tile n/r Better Better
Hard Quartz Tile n/r Better Better

Silent Core Blades

Silent Core diamond blades have a specialized core that reduces vibration and noise. Instead of the standard high-pitched whine, Silent Core blades are significantly quieter. This is beneficial on job-sites where controlling the cutting noise level is an issue and a quieter blade reduces the chance of hearing loss for the operator. Silent Core blades have two designs. The Laser Cut Core has epoxy filled silencing material that provides limited noise reduction/suppression. The Sandwich Core is manufactured with two steel cores laminated with a copper center that provides the greatest sound reduction.

Core Styles

Blade core chart showing dB levels in sanwich core blades (95dB), laser cut core blades (98dB), and standard core blades (104 dB).

A reduction in dB(A) of 10 will reduce human noise perception by
approximately one half. Noise reduction depends on a number of factors.

Drawing of Laser Cut Silent Core Blade

Laser Cut Core Design
Cost effective laser cut core with epoxy filled silencing
material, provides limited noise reduction/suppression.

Drawing of Sanwich Laminated Silent Core Blade

Sandwich Laminated Silent Core Design
Sandwich laminated steel cores with copper
center provide the greatest sound reduction.