HP18-24 Slab Saws
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HP18-24 Slab Saw
HP18-24 Slab Saw
HP18-24 Slab Saw
Cross-feed adjustment
HP18-24 Slab Saw
HP18-24 Slab Saw
HP18-24 Slab Saw
HP18-24 Slab Saw
HP18-24 Slab Saw
  • Engineered for accurate, smooth cuts of rock, minerals and glass
  • 1-1/2 Hp continuous duty commercial grade motor with thermal overload protection and manual reset
  • Fully sealed drive shaft bearing housing
  • Rolling element liner bearings in carriage for ease of movement over main guide rails
  • Powder coated heavy duty cast iron carriage and rock vise
  • Screw drive vise carriage with automatic shutoff
  • Silicon bronze clutch block carriage feed engagement system
  • Hard chrome plated carriage rails for smooth operation and extended life
  • 24VDC brushless motor drive adjusts vice travel from 0-1/2" per minute
  • Hood supported by two gas shocks
  • Powder coated reservoir and hood
  • Reservoir bottom drain for ease of sludge removal
  • Large capacity oil/sludge reservoir
  • Submersible pump system provides lubrication, flushing and cooling
Part # 8302024
Motor 1-1/2 hp
Voltage 120V/60Hz
Amperage 14.4
Motor RPM 1725
Blade RPM 500
Arbor 1"
Blade Capacity 18" - 24"
Depth of Cut* 6.5" (18" blade)
7.5" (20" blade)
9.5" (24" blade)
Vise Opening 18"
Coolant Required** 15 gallons
Blade Lubrication Electric Pump
L x W x H 65” x 37” x 48”
Weight 720 lbs.
Blade not included with saw.

*Maximum depth of cut will vary depending on size and shape of specimen.

**Coolant required when using pump.

Warranty Period: 1 year from date of purchase against all manufacturing or material defects.

Manufacturing period 6 weeks from date of order.

220 volt 50 or 60 Hz motors are available by special order.

Contact MK Diamond Customer Service for ordering information.

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