Always Read the Manual Prior to Using Any Tool.
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OSHA Fact Sheets - Control of Silica Dust in Construction

Handheld Power Saws Used to Cut Fiber-Cement Board

Rig-Mounted Core Saws or Drills

Walk-Behind Milling Machines and Floor Grinders

Handheld Power Saws

Handheld Grinders for Tasks Other Than Mortar Removal

Jackhammers or Handheld Powered Chipping Tools

Handheld and Stand-Mounted Drills

Stationary Masonry Saws

Handheld Grinders for Mortar Removal (Tuckpointing)

Walk-Behind Saws

Proposition 65
The list of chemicals known to the State to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

Silica Dust Warning and Safety Precaution

Safety Data Sheets

Diamond Blades and Grinding Wheels

DiamondX Blades

DiamindX Grinding Wheels

PVA Grinding Wheels

Resin Diamond Pads

Diamond Blade Overview