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5" Swing Shroud
5" Swing Shroud

The MK Diamond 5" Swing Shroud is designed for concrete and surface grinding dust control. The shroud is made from an “abrasive resistant” plastic to prevent wear from the grinding process. The hinged nose shroud easily flips to the side for grinding against walls and edges. The use of a shroud prolongs the life of the tool by preventing abrasive dust and debris from entering the motor. The 5" Swing shroud is easy to install on most popular grinders using the included adapters.

  • Developed for all grinding and polishing operations
  • The front nose easily swings away for edge work
  • Increases cup wheel life by removing abrasive dust
  • Dust control reduces clean up time
  • Designed for use when cleaning, leveling spots, removing epoxies, urethanes, paint and other coatings
  • Fits popular 4" and 5" hand grinders
  • Easily attaches to a HEPA vacuum or dust extractor system to reduce harmful airborne dust
Description Part #
MK 5" Swing Shroud (boxed) 170762
MK 5" Swing Shroud (clamshell) 172360

5" Swing Shroud Box Packaging
MK 5" Swing Shroud (170762)
5" Swing Shroud Clamshell Packaging
MK 5" Swing Shroud (172360)

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Designed for 4 inch and 5 inch diamond cup wheels Installs easily on
most 4 to 5 inch grinders Shroud includes vacuum adapter, cup wheel adapter, and grinder adapter rings The front nose easily swings away for edge work

Pending OSHA standards are mandating worker protection from harmful air-borne particles created from drywall sanding and diamond tool grinding of concrete, masonry and stone materials. The dust from these materials is tied to lung cancer, silicosis and other serious maladies. In some areas right now, contractors are not allowed on the job without having a dust-containment system. Below are links to OSHA articles for more information: