MK-EZ Profile Milling Machine
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E Z Profile Milling Machine

The MK-EZ Profiler makes profiling tile, granite, marble and limestone easy. It is highly portable and is designed to provide fabrication quality performance on any job-site. There is a complete range of standard profile shapes available as accessories. Convenient access to the arbor shaft makes for easy profile tool changes. The adjustable head allows profiling materials up to 1-1/4" thick. The profiler is housed in a thermoplastic pan for water containment and easy cleanup. Water pump and a 3/8" radius, half bullnose diamond profile bit are included.

MK-EZ Profile Milling Machine
Built-in spray brush to minimize over-spray from water feed.
Fine adjustments for precise shaping.
Convenient access to arbor shaft for shaping tool changes.
Part # 170565
Motor 1-1/4 hp, 120V
Amps 7.4
Motor RPM 6,000
Shaft 5/8"-18
Max. Profiling Depth 1-1/4"
Weight 23 lbs. (10.4 kg)
LxWxH (in) 36" x 24" x 11
LxWxH (mm) 914 x 610 x 279
Included Accessories
MK400BDB 3/8" radius profiling diamond bit
Water Pump
Optional Accessories
MK400BDB 3/8" radius profiling diamond bit