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MK-5000 Gas Series Block Saws

The MK-5000 Series gas block saw provides power and job-site performance when a gas-powered saw is the only option. Equipped with a self-priming water pump, isolation mounts to prevent operator fatigue due to engine vibration and an ergonomic control handle.

  • Precision screw feed mechanism allows the cutting head to be easily raised or lowered to the precise cutting depth required
  • Self-leveling blade guard provides optimum blade coverage for operator safety
  • Foot pedal for hands-free cutting
  • Open-back design allows for material up to 20" long to be cut
  • Conveyor cart built from heavy-duty cast aluminum
  • Stainless steel rail liners
  • Adjustable water supply for maximum blade protection
  • Built-in tie-downs for safer saw transport
  • Ergonomically designed handle for reduced operator fatigue
  • Engine attachment is via four vibration isolation mounts
  • Belt driven, self-priming centrifugal water pumps can be disengaged for dry cutting
  • Heavy-duty built-in forklift brackets allow lift to approach from the front or either side of the saw
  • One-year limited warranty
MK-5009G - 9 HP Saws
Model Engine Blade Guard Part #
MK-5009G Honda GX270 14" 158935-14
MK-5009G Honda GX270 20" 158935
MK-5009G Honda GX270 24" 158935-24
 MK-5013G - 13 HP Saws
Model Engine Blade Guard Part #
MK-5013G Honda GX390 14" 158936-14
MK-5013G Honda GX390 20" 158936
MK-5013G Honda GX390 24" 158936-24
Blade not included.
General Specifications
Arbor Size 1"
Motor RPM 3,600
Shaft RPM - 14" Blade 2,700
Shaft RPM - 20" Blade 1,851
Shaft RPM - 24" Blade 1,653
Depth of Cut - 14" Blade 5"
Depth of Cut - 20" Blade 8"
Depth of Cut - 24" Blade 10"
Length of Cut 20"
L x W x H 57" x 26" x 72"
L x W x H (mm) 1,524 x 660 x 1,826
Weight 498 - 513 lbs.
Shipping Method Truck

* Engine power ratings are calculated by the individual engine manufacturer and the rating method may vary among engine manufacturers. MK Diamond Products makes no claim, representation or warranty as to the power rating of the engine on this equipment and disclaims any responsibility or liability of any kind whatsoever with respect to the accuracy or the engine power rating. Users are advised to consult the engine manufacturer’s owners manual and website for specific information regarding the engine power rating.

Warning IconWarning: This equipment contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. These chemicals are contained in various components. fluids and paint including but not limited to fuel, oil, electric motors and batteries. In addition, gasoline/diesel powered equipment emits engine exhaust and fumes, and when serviced, cleaned or maintained generate used oil, waste fluids, fumes, grease, grime and particulates from the component wear and silica dust which contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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Stay level blade guard Open-back design allows 8 inch high block to be cut in a single pass MK-5000 conveyor cart
Fhe foot pedal frees both of the operator's hands for holding the masonry piece Heavy-duty built-in forklift brackets Gas saw engine mount
Accessories Included with MK-5000 Saws
Centrifugal Water Pump Centrifugal Water Pump

Rip Guide Rip Guide
Optional Accessories for MK-5000 Saws
6 Wheel Conveyor Cart 6 Wheel Conveyor Cart

Higgins Jig The Higgins Jig
A fast and safe tool for producing 2 x 8
right angle corners, paver corners, and
lintel corners.

IQ 2000 Dry Cutting Vacuum System IQ 2000 Dry Cutting Vacuum System
Dry cutting vacuum systems for
MK-5000 series saws

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