BD-400P 7" Professional Diamond Polishing Discs
BD-400P Polishing Discs

7" professional resin diamond polishing discs with the highest diamond concentration. Used to achieve a high-quality finish on straight or contoured edges. The unique design allows for rapid and even removal rates with minimum effort. The center hole permits water lubrication during polishing operations. Hook & Loop backed for fast disc changes. These diamond discs are used for polishing granite, hard marble and porcelain. Should not be used on soft marble. Use grits in sequential order from 50 to buff.

Grit Part #
30 165252
50 165253
100 165254
220 165255
400 165256
800 165257
1800 165258
3500 165259
8500 165260

Important Break-In Procedure
Diamond resin discs are shiny when new. This shine must disappear in order for the discs to perform their best, especially with the finer grits (400 and up). To do this, run any new disc on a rough surface - such as granite, sandstone or concrete - always making sure there is enough coolant (water). This will force the outer bond to be eroded, leaving the diamonds properly exposed for polishing. They will gradually perform even better as normal wear sets in.