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MK-145 Trim Saw

The MK-145 trim saw features a large cutting surface and an immersion blade cooling system.

  • Built-in miter table allows for the cutting of precision 22º and 45°
  • Easy alignment precision rip guide can be used on either side of blade
  • Built-in MK-Safeswitch™
  • Includes a 4-1/2" x .060 continuous rim blade, 4" x .020 303C blade and 45 degree rip guide
Motor 1/2 hp, 120V
RPM 6,000
Blade Capacity 4-1/2"
Depth of Cut (4-1/2" blade) 1"
LxWxH 18" x 16" x 7
Shipping weight 13.5 lbs. (6.1kg)
Part # 172001

Warning: Use of this equipment can expose you to chemicals including nickel and crystalline silica which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to Repeated and/or substantial inhalation can cause serious or fatal respiratory diseases including silicosis. Employ dust controls and protection per OSHA/NIOSH/MSHA