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New Products

Green Cut Early Entry Saw

16" Electric Brick & Block Saws

Walk-Behind Crack Chasing Saw

Electric Concrete Saw

MK-24 Gas Series
24" self-propelled gas saws.

MK-24 Propane Series
24" self-propelled propane saws.

Fast cutting, general purpose turbo rim blade.

MK-377EXP 7" Tile Saw

MK-X1318 Gas Concrete Saws

MK-5S Chop Saw Blade
For cutting metal studs, rebar and steel.

MK-805 Cup Wheel
Fits Edco TMC Series Turbo Grinders.

IXL 5" Dust Shroud
Engineered to control dust during concrete grinding operations with 5" right-angle grinders.

MK -315GL-XL
Specifically designed glass tile blade for cutting glass and mosaic glass tiles. This blade is designed with a very fine diamond grit which consistently gives a smooth and chip-free results.

Suhner Hand Grinders
MK Diamond now offers Suhner electric and pneumatic hand grinders/polishers for the stone and tile industry.

MK-EZ Profile Miller
The MK-EZ Profiler was designed for shaping tile, granite, marble and limestone. It is lightweight and portable for easy transportation, making it perfect for on-site profiling.

Supreme grade, laser welded, wet/dry cutting combination diamond blade for asphalt and concrete overlay applications.

Higgins Corner and Flat Veneer Cutting Jig
The Higgins Jig is an exceptionally fast and safe tool for producing 2 x 8 right angle corners, paver corners, and lintel corners. The patent pending design allows for a two-step process when cutting corner brick or stone veneers.